Programmatic Advertising

The global Programmatic Advertising spend will be $37 billion by 2019, more than half of that will be on mobile ads. Mobile has been identified as the preferred method of communication. iVeew offers solutions to expand customer engagement and increase revenue

Mobile Programmatic Advertising

Mobile programmatic will overtake desktop this year. iVeew harnesses the power of display advertising increasing profitability of CPM and CPC ad campaigns.

Digital Strategy

iVeew has identified travel apps with a large download base and high user frequency. These apps are our Opaque Mobile Network allowing users to display relevant ads based on geo- targeting.

Analyzing data daily insures that we are meeting our stated goals with alerts to any major changes in trend.

Marketing Opportunities

Once travelers search offers in our mobile network they will continue to use it because it is easily accessible from their favorite travel app. Historically our users visit multiple times a month with over 450 million page views and over 37 million downloads.


Advertisers have access to comprehensive analytics to trace the process alerting them to abandonment to click-throughs.

Implementation Process

  • Initial Requirement Analysis
  • Goals & Performance Metrics
  • Traffic Segmentation
  • mCommerce & Booking
  • Detailed Tagging Instruction
  • Quality Assurance and Verification
  • Automated & Custom Reporting