Understanding the Guest Journey is important and communicating effectively is imperative

Connecting hotels and travel providers with millions of travelers

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Understanding the Guest Journey is important but connecting and communicating effectively is imperative.

iVeew and Guestext can interact with your current “Guest Experience” strategy to improve your effectiveness.

Text Message Platform

Text Message Platform connects to all departments within a hotel to improve seamless connectivity between guest to shorten response times with ability for management oversite.

1. Pre -Travel

Allow hotels to engage with guest prior to arrival; providing them insight into what they will find at or near the hotel.

2. In-Travel

Use text messaging to convey special offers the day of arrival and during the stay, respond to requests by guest to departments and send surveys after guest are served by a department.

3. Post-Travel

Send links to guest for savings with direct bookings, information about upcoming events and reviews.

Guest Personalization Engine


Hotels and Travel Providers everywhere seem to have one main question: What is the guest’s experiences with hotel or travel provider? Personalization is a major buzz word in the travel and hospitality industry over the past year, getting the information is difficult for travel providers to collect.

As hotels look at guest experiences, personalization frequently rises to the top. According to Forrester Research, over 60% of hotels in a survey state that delivering personalized experiences is a priority. Creating a thorough solution with adapting the 4 phases of Personalization will improve guest engagement and provide market for up selling and cross selling preferred content.

Increase convertion rates over 40% . More purchases in a booking occur when offers are tailored to guest preferences.

Matching content to guest preferences can improve average purchase values by 40% and improving conversions by upwards of 600%. Automated matching of content to guest preferences is important aspect of the Personalization Profile provided by iVeew

iVeew filtering solution leverages guest profiles, utilizes a set of algorithms to dynamically drive personalized experiences for guests and travelers. The result is a significant reduction in manual effort, the ability to automate targeting and the potential to surface highly relevant content to increase conversions and engagement.

There are 5 basic implementation strategies for Personalization

1. Basic Recommendation

In today's world basic offers are provided via passive strategy, where there is no guest engagement. Guests & travelers can search destinations, wasting time trying to find what motivates them to purchase.

2. Segmentation - Targeting

2nd phase of personalization maturity involves targeting content based on segments. This approach, guests and travelers are grouped together into buckets based on commonalities.

3. Machine Learning

Hotels and travel providers can mature their segmentation based personalization approach that they rely on historical patters and rules-based actions.

4. Individualization

4th phase of personalization is individualization. Individualization builds on the core principles of personalization-segmentation, targeting and relevant content by enabling the creation of 1:1 experiences for each guest or traveler. Each guest or traveler becomes a unique segment of “one” enabling hotels and travel providers to drive a truly unique personalized experience.

5. Amplify Personalization

iVeew Personalization solution uses a batch-based approach for syncing user data. Real-time makes all the differences. Amplify any phase of hotel and travel provider data by capturing guest behaviors and preferences to create predictive models of guest intent in real-time.

Guest Recognition Platform

iVeew’s patent pending solution for guest recognition is an important first step in guest engagement once on the hotel premises.

The challenge

Hotels have had a challenge in recognizing new guests, not to mention returning guests. There are solutions that require a manual effort; from asking the guest for their drivers license or some other form of accepted identity all the way to asking a guest for a “special” card that recognizes to the hotel that this is an important returning guests. These solutions require a manual effort and are time consuming and does not do anything to really improve the guest engagement experience.


iVeew’s integrated solution with either a hotel PMS or as a stand alone solution enables the hotel to recognize the guest automatically when a screen display pops up on an iPad, tablet or computer screen at the front desk. In addition to the front desk, any department or service amenity at the hotel can recognize the guest, address them by name and improve the guest experience.

How it works?

The Guest Recognition Platform is integrated with Guest Personalization Engine to really improve the guest experience and engagement by the hotel. When the guest is provided a link in their email confirmation, or via alternate methods of communication such as mobile messaging, the guest can provide a basic insight into their preferences, for in-hotel amenities or local attractions. This allows the front desk or other areas of the hotel to immediately recognize their interests and respond accordingly.

Merchandising Engine

Our Merchandising platform allows the hotel to integrate in-hotel offers from a white label solution linked from their website or mobile page.

In-Hotel Offers

Provides the hotel with an ability in the merchandising platform to improve upsells, whether it be a room upgrade, or other hotel amenity that makes the guest experience better.

Partner Rewards

Hotels can cross sell offers from Travel Suppliers pre-arrival or during stay.


Geo-coded to focus on the offers closest to the hotel or destination.  Filtered so guest  can receive information on things that interest them the most.

Learn more about merchandisng

Add our Merchandise Platform to your hotel booking process, to increase ancillary revenue.

Integrated Booking Engine


iVeew provides hotels and other travel providers with the ability to add in hotel and partner offers to the booking process while selecting their room types or from a white label link from their website. Hotels should not miss the opportunity to upsell or cross sell in the booking process because their current booking engine supplier does not provide a solution or charges extra. iVeew will provide the booking engine integrated with connectivity with the PMS for free or little cost depending on the arrangement. 

Typical Booking Engine Process

Booking Engine Integrated with iVeew & Guestext

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