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Check-In Widget

Allows guest who connected via the IBE widget, email widget link or via the website widget to have the ability to check-in via mobile connection prior to guest arriving at hotel on day of check-in. Gives the hotel ability to assign room prior to reaching the hotel, upsell guests for in hotel offers of: 

Room Upgrades

Internet Booking Engine Widget

Guests can now have an alternative to receiving confirmations to their mobile phone to save to wallet or mobile home page.


Website Widget

Allows hotels to add message function to website, respond to guest inquiries about the property before traveling.

Front Desk Widget

Hotels that want to connect with guest via mobile when checking in, can now be easily with the Front Desk Widget.

Email Widget

Links from a confirmation email encouraging guests to save  to their mobile home page to communicate with departments and view In Hotel and Partner Offers and Restaurants nearby.

Guest Surveys


Merchandising Platform

iVeew has created their own merchandising platform that extends the functionality of normal merchandising platforms to include pre-travel bookings of in hotel or partner offers.

In addition, to the ability for the hotel to promote in-hotel offers the hotel will have access to a multitude of partner offers in their destination that can be integrated into a white label solution for hotel websites or mobile apps or pages:

Room Upgrades

iVeew has accessed over 70,000 bookable:


Hotels can put offers into the platform to encourage guests to purchase in advance of travel, or day of check-in special things that will enhance and improve guest stay to generate ancillary revenue.

Hotels can generate ancillary income by offering these to their guests during the booking process by integrating offers during booking the room or afterwards from their website links or via links to offers during their pre and during stay times.

In Hotel Offers

  • Increase  ancillary revenues directly from guest offering a wide range of offers
  • Integrates into the room booking process
  • Linked from hotel website a white label solution for hotels

Supplier Offers

  • Geo-targeted offers  from supplier partners in and around your hotel property
  • Largest aggregator of local suppliers to satisfy all levels of guest interest-Currently 76,000 bookable offers and growing

iVeew Merchandise Engine

The iVeew Merchandise Engine provides a platform for suppliers to connect with guests at hotels as well as being included in automated offers based on guest preferences.  Using the iVeew Engine and Platform allows suppliers to be uploaded into reservation records at hotels across the world, pushing information to guests pre check-in, on check-in day and during their stay.

  • Merchandise Engine allows suppliers to manage last minute offers
  • Engine supports group discounts
  • Messaging support to stay connected with customers
  • Access to the Guestext marketing widgets to provide greater access to guests while improving guest engagement

Supplier Content

Supplier Content is provided to our Merchandise Engine via APIs that are provided by Supplier Groups and iVeew. Some of the legacy technology currently in the marketplace requires hotels to secure their content to sell on their site instead of having a resource of thousands of curated offers available in a marketplace.

As hotels sign up with us to utilize our Platform, content from various supplier networks will be made available to that hotel to integrate within their room booking process or as a white label solution from their website.

Most connectivity to supplier content for guests is passive, it requires the guest to search out local opportunities, with iVeew Merchandise Platform, and connectivity to the Hotel PMS, IBE or CRS, guest can request to receive a link via email or mobile to view all offers during the booking process. Alternatively, guests can  then select from categories and filter only interested local tours and activities to their mobile phone and save it to their mobile home screen.  The booking process is very simple and straight forward, creating a shopping cart and purchasing all of their choices at one time instead of individually.

Revenue Opportunities

Hotels will share in the revenue from supplier partners that sold via the hotel website and/or in the booking process.

Hotels license our iVeew Merchandise Platform and pay a small fee for integration into the booking engine and/or for the white label solution and a small monthly fee to use the platform for in-hotel offers.

The rest is based on a revenue sharing agreement:

  • In Hotel Offers are added to the guest portfolio and iVeew does not share in that revenue
  • Supplier Partner offers are added to the booking engine or website white label solution and the hotels earn a share of the revenue generated by iVeew based on the supplier partner merchant operating agreement with iVeew
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